Information Security

VivoSecurity helps you budget and manage Infosec compliance activities in keeping with overall business priorities.

  • Align Infosec program with overall enterprise risks, opportunities, and priorities
  • Assess resources and investments according to projected ROI in terms of business risk reduction
  • Allocate resources where business risks are highest
  • Discover unexpected avenues for improved cybersecurity, based on risk profile data

Cyber Risk Impact Analysis

  • Analysis of cyber insurance coverage needs
  • Assess coverage adequacy or inform coverage negotiations
  • Cover cyber in corporate ERM framework

Cyber Risk Profile

  • Visualize risk in dollars across your enterprise, broken down by department, type of assets at risk, type of attack or incident
  • Inventory and valuate data and document assets, in terms of statistical value at risk
  • Discover root causes and areas of vulnerability ranked by business impact
Breach Rate

Professional Services

  • “Virtual CISO” service
  • Selection and adoption of risk framework (NIST, ISO 2700x, CIS CSCs)
  • Roadmap, budget, and staff planning

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