About VivoSecurity

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Our Approach

Founded in 2012, VivoSecurity's team of PhD level scientists and statisticians provides data analytics and statistical modeling to companies in the financial and high tech industries. We use advanced data analytic techniques to model the probability and cost in dollars of cybersecurity events.

Our Story

Meet the Team

We have strong cybersecurity domain knowledge, strong knowledge of software applications, strong knowledge of operating systems and hardware and a strong understanding of enterprise operations.

Dr. Thomas Lee

Dr. Thomas Lee

CEO & co-founder

Dr. Lee is an Information Security, Compliance, and Risk Management expert.

Jim Lipkins

Jim Lipkis

Business Development and Product Strategy

Mr. Lipkis helps organizations "manage cyber security by the numbers".

Aaron Arutunian

Aaron Arutunian

Information Security and GRC Management Consultant

Mr. Arutunian optimizes information security programs; manages compliance objectives; and quantify cyber risk in dollar terms.

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