Risk Quantification

Business executives value the clarity of VivoSecurity's objective risk analytics based on empirical data -- avoiding the "aggregated guesswork" of traditional expert scoring systems. VivoSecurity uses actuarial science, along with ensemble machine learning techniques and patented data valuation algorithms, to quantify cyber risk in dollars across your organization.

Advanced modeling of cyber breach expected losses

  • Statistical tools rely strictly on empirical data and proven historical patterns
  • Factor analysis for insights into breach causes and vulnerabilities
  • Rigorous testing and validation of models, for credibility with even the most stringent regulatory regimes (financial industry)
  • Actuarial visualization helps enterprise manage risk even of rare catastrophic cyber events

Software Tools for granular enterprise risk profile – in dollars: VivoSecurity Risk Analytics Suite

  • Inventory sensitive data assets within the enterprise, calculate at-risk value of assets
  • Granular profile of cyber risk across the enterprise, in dollar terms
  • Drill down by department, class of data asset impacted, type of cyber event
  • Roll up across enterprise for strategic macro view of risk

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